I’ve been thinking about using Codeigniter as the back end for a couple of single page applications where the front end would be implemented using BoilerplateJS architecture. I wanted to create the basic structure for such a project and share it. Today I came across this question and thought I’d do this project and share it. Surprisingly putting together BoilerplateJS and Codeigniter was a breeze.

Most of the BoilerplateJS code will reside in a public folder in the Codeigniter root folder. The index page of BoilerplateJS will be in views folder and will be loaded by a controller when necessary. After some path modifications in the BoilerplateJS index file and requirejs route configs, everything started to work perfectly. All the server calls that were simulated by JSON text files are now actually served from a Codeigniter controller. I also used CodeIgniter Rest Server to implement the REST API.

The project is at:

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