Here I will publish my latest creations. They may include small application and programs. I love to experiment on various areas of computing and different technologies. So hopefully this page will keep growing with new stuff :)

“Translator” – Google Chrome Extension

This is my first Google Chrome Extension. It lets you translate selected text in the browser to English. Drag and drop the file to chrome and start translating!! (You might have to restart the browser to get it working).It uses the Google’s Language API to translate the given text.

Download the extension from here:

“Translator Ver 2.1″ – Google Chrome Extension

After brushing up my Javascript, HTML, and CSS skills a bit, I was able to put up a newer version of my Google Chrome Extension, “Translator”. I added some more features and fixed some issues that was present in the first version.

Selected Japanese text translated to English

Selected Japanese text translated to English

Allows the user to enter text to be translated

Allows the user to enter text to be translated

Added Features:

  • Allows the user to select the target language  (Default: English).
  • If no selection is made on the browser tab, allows the user to enter a string to be translated.
  • Auto updating is enabled, so you do not need to manually install newer versions.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the problem of selected text in some web pages not being detected. (In web pages that contain iframes, e.g: gmail)



EpiReminder – TV Series Episode Reminder

I am watching several TV series during the week. Sometimes their schedules change, and keeping track of which episodes I have watched, and which episodes I have to watch is a hassle. I have to go through episode listings, read through the overviews and figure out what is the last episode that I watched. I’ve always looked for a tool to help me with this issue, but failed to find such a tool that met my requirements.

So, I built EpiReminder. It is a service that helps you keep track of TV Series episodes to watch. You can subscribe to your favorite TV series and mark the episodes that you have watched. EpiReminder would then show you the episodes that you haven’t watched so far. The episode details are constantly updated from

This is my first complete PHP project. And I’m  constantly upgrading the site with new features. So I welcome you to check out EpiReminder.

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